Empower youth by highlighting their projects

In the recent years, I had the opportunity to help highlighting the work young people do, throwing the spotlight on their projects and success stories, their struggles and challenges.

I firmly believe that putting young people on a platform, enabling them to bring their message, automatically empowers them, their causes and youth in general. It not only gives the individual a well-deserved chance to show their project, but each of those projects reminds the world that young people *are* the future deserving our attention, support, guidance, mentoring and funding.

And the youth have the drive, the ingenuity, the geniality and true spirit to make a change.

I was privileged to be part of the group giving that spotlight to people like Joseph Macharia from Kenya or Joseph Otim from Uganda just a few weeks ago.

It is in that spirit you should watch the video from Kelvin Doe, a fifteen year old from Sierra Leone, who picks parts from trash, to make his own radio station - including its mini-generator - in Sierra Leone.
I invite you to support "Innovate Salone" with similar initiatives.

Thanks to Kay Chapman for the tip on the video..

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