UN high-level politics and how to simplify things....

This must be the picture of the month, if not of the year.

Addressing the UN General Assembly this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu illustrated his concerns over Iran's nuclear ambitions, with a complex drawing.

I thought the US hit the UN's intellectual bottom when they came up with their fabricated evidence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, back in 2002. But Netanyahu showed one could go lower. (Full story)

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Picture courtesy AP/Richard Drew


A Lady's Life 01 October, 2012 17:33  

The world has gone crazy and so it pays to be vigilent. Playing with nuclear stuff is never a good thing.
We already learned this with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
You can't have have a religion keeping people in archaic times destroying the rest of the world which is progressing. Iran is no friend even to Russia and China . Especially China, would never accept threats like Israel has to face every day.
Israel belongs to the Jews. They have always been there throughout time and the Arabs can't deny it. They should stop all this nonsense.
Israel is not just a free world ally but also a universal nation open to the world to come visit without worrying about beheadings, stonings etc...This alone, should tell you something about Iran.They say using Muhhamads name is a sin and yet every second person is a muhhamad.
Under their laws, all these people should be beheaded lol

Peter 01 October, 2012 19:38  

hi Lady's Life...

I questioned Netanyahu's over-simplification of a complex issue, under the form of a cartoon. I did not criticize Israel nor its people (even though I have been very though on Israel during the violence with Lebanon and the OPt some years ago.)

But even so, unfortunately, I have to differ on many accounts with you.

In Iran, it is not a religion keeping its people down, it is a regime.

We can have a looong discussion as to what land belongs to whom in the Middle East. Actually, land does not belong to anyone, and we have to share the space and the resources of the earth.

What means "free world"... I would not particularly call the US a "free world".. And would not call Israel a universal nation open to the world to come visit without etc etc...

I have visited Iran many times, and love its culture, its history, and above all its people. I have never felt threatened, or felt awkward for any reason. (Neither did I in Iraq before the war)...

You would need to brush up a bit on what the religious Muslim do's and dont's are: It is not using the name "Mohammed", but just like in christianity, one can not use the name of God in vain.

PS: The only nation who ever used nuclear power for an aggressive act of mass murder..... was the US.


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