From the past: expedition to Howland Island

Just by coindence, I found the video from our Howland island expedition on Youtube. Funny to look back at an adventure of almost 20 years ago.

Howland is a deserted island of about 1 square mile, smack in the middle of the Pacific, on the crossing of the dateline and the equator. If you'd ever heard of the island, then it must have been in connection to Amelia Earhart. She was the first woman to fly around the world, scheduled to refuel on Howland's make-shift airstrip, back in the 1930's. She never made it to the island. It is believed she crashed very close by, though the wreckage of her plane was never found.

Our expedition team was not that unfortunate, though I almost drowned, dragged to sea by an undertow (check the story), and a storm delayed our departure for a week.

Makes me think that people surely do some crazy shit in their lives.


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