How egoistic can people be?

A video showing two motorcyclists who got entangled on a busy highway in China... Nobody seemed very eager to help...


A Lady's Life 01 July, 2011 23:40  

That's terrible. But you don't know the laws in China. Maybe you help and then get into trouble.
Sometimes even in Canada, you try helping someone and then he gets worse or dies and the family sues you for trying to so call "doctor".
Laws are funny today. If it all works out you are a hero and if not then you can be the bad guy but the other motorcycle couple drove away and this was not good.

Brendan Rigby 05 July, 2011 08:22  

Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence in China. I do not believe it is the result of egoism. I have personally witnessed many traffic accidents in China, and although bystanders can be slow to react (or not react at all), it is usually a case of insurance and liability (as A Lady's Life suggests).

In China, if the person needing medical assistance does not have insurance, and you are at the scene helping them, you could be liable for the medical costs. Particularly, if family members are unreachable. Also, bystanders are very aware of street cameras and who may be watching. These are not excuses, just explanations.

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