You have been an aidworker for too long (Part 14)


You have been an aidworker for too long...

...if you can sum up the names of all political parties in Zambia, but can't remember which parties formed the government in your own home country. (*)

(*) which is not valid for Belgian aidworkers, as we haven't had a government for almost a year.


Heidi 26 March, 2011 02:02  

yep, guilty on that one too! :D

true story, me coming back to austria:

friend: who did you vote for this week?
me: vote to be what?
friend: uh... president?
me: there was a presidential election?!?
friend: ...
me: can i still vote?
friend: uh... they kinda announced the result yesterday.
me: oh.

Peter 26 March, 2011 02:04  

Yep, me guilty on the election too!

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