Dear Mr Jobs, here is a comparison between a $600 iPhone and a $30 Nokia

Nokia and iPhone reception comparison

Nokia and iPhone reception comparison

Nokia and iPhone reception comparison

At the same time, at the same place, with the same GSM provider: a simple comparison between the reception of a $30 Nokia and a $600 iPhone 3GS. This should wipe the excuses from Apple that it is all about "the formula we use to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display", right off the table.

It is black and white: either you have reception or you don't. Either you can make a call, or you can't.

In my apartment in Rome, where GSM reception is rather marginal, I had to buy a $30 Nokia with a spare mobile number, so people could actually call me.


Anonymous,  15 August, 2010 14:54  

iPhone should also be on 2G network as that of Nokia. Only then it would be a fair comparison.

Peter 15 August, 2010 15:49  


It was. Data + 3G were disabled on the iPhone (which I do otherwise it consumes too much power trying to reconnect continuously).

Anonymous,  15 August, 2010 16:49  

ahaha! is it your dilemma of the day??

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