Rumble: Humanitarian Airlift from Brindisi (full post)

We have an Ilyushin Il-76 cargo plane prepositioned in our UN Humanitarian Response base (UNHRD) in Brindisi. The IL-76 is a cargo plane often used for humanitarian interventions. This medium range workhorse which can carry a payload up to 45 metric tons.

Everyone who has ever flown on an IL-76 knows the best place to enjoy the flight is the small cabin under the main flightdeck, which is the navigator position. You sit at the height of the plane's belly (makes interesting landing!), but with a wide view.

The plane's cargo hold is high and can carry all kinds of cargo.

This air lift was destined for Uganda - there is a problem with the flooding in the North of the country. The flight was transported cargo for UNICEF, Irish Aid, OCHA and WFP. It contained water purification equipment, and temporary shelters.

(This post is backdated to show full picture details. The pictures and facts are from Sept.23 2007)


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